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    1. 欢迎访问江苏中泰仪表阀门有限公司官方网站!





      地 址:江苏省建湖县经济开发区光明路333号


      手 机:13901410388 

      电 话:0515-86234333


      传 真:0515-86231333




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        Jiang Su Zhongtai Instrument Valve Co., Ltd. located in China's machinery are - Jiangsu Jianhu, the company covers an area of 37260M2, is a modern instrument valves production companies, technology companies, production processes, manufacturing equipment, testing instruments have reached the international advanced level.
        The company's main products are various female thread connections, male thread connection, double ferrule type connection, welded connection, socket weld, flanged connections of high temperature and pressure valve, 2, 3, 5 manifolds, instrumentation needle valve , process valves, globe valve,gate valves, ball valves, check valves and a variety of instrumentation tube fittings, instrument insulation to protect me, explosion immunity connecting pipe, aluminum threading box, various instruments secondary packaging and other products. Widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aerospace, military, pharmaceutical and other controlled pipeline system. The company has passed ISO90001: 2008 quality management system certification and USACECC certification, was identified as the Ministry of China Machinery Industry Pressure Gauge Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center for qualified products, and China Power Complete Equipment Company products are network license, its products have been in the State Trademark Bureau registered as "Taiks" trademark, be included as a member in the petrochemical business, was named Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, private technology enterprises, the China instrument Society member companies.
        Since its inception, domestic products, exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other countries and regions. Major cities in the country with offices and service agencies. The company introduced the German ﹑ Japan and other advanced production technology and machinery and equipment, high-precision CNC lathes equipped with multiple sets of Shenyang First Machine Tool Plant, the excellent detection equipment is very complete, reliable quality assurance and corporate well-trained workforce, you can buy cheap products to provide better quality services.
        We are willing to home and abroad businessmen, new and old customers work together to create brilliant career!

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